Walking along side you, In it all.

I’ve learned some helpful tools and tips to create some life giving rhythms and heartbeat in things that seemed overwhelming, too far gone, or too big. I’d love to share with you some of the things that have helped get me to refocus my heart and mind from striving, to choosing day to day Abiding.

I've learned, I'm still learning, how to go from living a mentally and physically overwhelmed busy life, to creating healthy life-giving rhythms that help encourage and create new ways of thinking, loving, and living. I would love to help you get to a place of clarity, with clear action steps and direction for where you are. Coaching with me looks a little bit like coffee (or water or tea, whatever's your thing) dates via google hangout, skype, or if you're near by, an Amelies date. 

·       From a college student thinking about the next steps of life.

·       If you need help creating margin, working on a schedule, time management, etc.

·       The Mom, who’s working in or out of the home, trying to figure to figure it all out, and feels like she needs to get her head above water.

·       The women who’s creating a business plan and needs help with direction & big picture processing

·       The women who is just trying to find meaning,


God has his Grace, Mercy, and Abundance for us, in it all.

I can't wait to hear your story, and from you. 

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