Our daily bread


I get asked the question, "How do you read your bible?" quite a bit, and my answer is always pretty much the same. I always didn't have the desire to dive in and read the word, but the more that I got to know God's love for me, the more that I became overtaken the by a desire to Know Him more, which you guys- is His Word. I started with Book by book. With nothing fancy and no guide or loop. I just opened it up, asked God to guide me in it, and read. Throughout the years I've picked up a few different helpful rhythms that have helped me to understand and seek God in his word:
•    I remember that I'm reading not to get something out of it for me, but to get to know Him, and for Him to do a thing in me with it. I'm not looking to pull out scripture for a quick fix, but I'm seeking to know my father more through His words, which will then, in turn, do a new thing in me.
•    I take the time to find out the Greek & Hebrew translation of things that I want a deeper understanding of- and again: Context is everything. 
•    I try to stay in a Book, a good friend once told me to seek Him in one, and if it gets too much or I need a break, to move on to another one and come back.
•    I love me a study bible with a commentary. It's so important for us to read the word with the Context of it, and looking for a daily application and understanding of it. There are a few different things that I use and have found along my journey to be helpful. 
•    I try to as much as I can, see God's heart in all of what I read. If we were created in His image, then my heart beat is his own. 
•    I journal & take notes like no other! I take notes in my bible, my notebook, journal, etc. I will usually date the notes and book I read, so that I can look back to see what I was thinking, etc. It's so helpful to jot down scripture, your questions, ideas, thoughts, etc. on paper. You can reread it to yourself, really pray about it, talk about it with a friend, and dig in deeper into all of it. 
I'm praying for you as you journey through reading the Word of our Father.