A new Anthem for us, Moms & Women.

I’ve written about motherhood, being a working mom, and my thoughts on all that a few times. But recently, Gods been working in my heart about all that Motherhood is for mine in this season, and what it’s teaching me. I’ve happened to also have some really moving conversations with some incredible women who are in the thick of life, and of Motherhood, as well. But all in very different seasons, too. The conversations shook me, more than usual.

It got me thinking, and praying, and asking for Guidance, even more.

Society has wrecked the image of women, placing us all into our little own individualized boxes and compartments, labeling us all different, incohesive, and in competition. This my friend, was not God's design. Nor is it His heart for us.

The terms working mom and stay at home mom have been thrown around so much, that it has classified mothers and women into not only two different categories but worlds. And then, the media, our culture, and I’d be willing to even say that the Church, at times has played into the theme as well.  Really, since forever, society has really skewed the image of women, the place for them to be in, and has designated a place for each individual women to fit into her own specific box. 

My mom was a single mother, who worked two jobs at a time to keep things going. She was strong, courage’s, and poured out every ounce of herself for me, she gave of herself selflessly, and taught me sacrificw. In all that she did, she was still a mom but a working mom.

She couldn’t stay home with me, and even though that I know that she wishes she could have, she made the time that we did have together, fun and memorable. She did the very best she could, and I’m thankful for her, more than thankful. She taught me hard work in love, she taught me perseverance and kept me going in the thick of it. On the flip side, her sisters were stay at home moms. They didn’t hold what you would call “a vocational job” but mothered hard and pressed in, in their own lives to love their children, and they did. None of it, a walk in the park.

The two worlds that seem so different, are so much alike. We all feel a sense of discontentment at times, and like it’s always all too much. We try to juggle, to keep going, and do our best to abide and thrive in what God has given us, right? 

And here’s the kicker- the thing that gets us all- Comparison. Human flesh will always look to something else to fill the whole that only Jesus can feel, so we reach and pull for something out there. The women who is still single, the college girl who’s running hard after her future, the women fighting to climb the ladder at her job.

We all compare to the others around us. It’s just what our flesh does. 

The comparison of one’s life to another. The comparison of thinking that “her life” is just better. And for moms, its starts with that. What she has, I don’t. Stay at home moms at times feel like their “right now” calling at home has no impact, when really, they have an incredible calling with their children and Husband, their first ministry, and most importantly-

What God has called them too. His Will, and not ours.

Working Moms, same thing. We have been called to be somewhere else at times, and that requires leaving our babies at times- but man, the Holy work that goes into it all is special, and handpicked for this season, for us. 

It’s God’s work, women, mothers. All of it is God’s work, unto Him- For his Children, we are just incredibly blessed to be a part of it. 

What if, we all decided to hold our bridle tongues and judgemental hearts, and ask God to soften our hearts so that we call out the messiness for what it is? 

And what if, we could see that where we are all it, is where HE has us right now? And that is a Holy and God Given Gift! What if we saw each other's lives as a Gift from God, and not something that we can point at and rip apart, because it's different than our own?

I can imagine a world, where women poured out unconditional love and encouragement to other women, and mothers, etc. whose season and life don’t like what they thought it would. 

Powerful. Kingdom Shaking. Love & Humility. 

We really are all in this together.

Moms, picking up the Cheetos, cleaning up the crumbs, while trying to juggle the rest. We are all up night, cradling our sweet babies to sleep. Feeling alone, forgotten, sleep deprived and confused. Wondering, is there more?

All of us women, at times looking to the left and to the right, wishing we had the more, the other things, that incredible job. Looking at the brokenness of a relationship and or circumstance, and in the middle of a storm.

Or, wishing that maybe one day, you could hold a baby of your own.

Maybe you've lost a precious child, and are knee deep in pain and suffering, and the mourning of your beautiful gift.

It's all too much for us, but perfect for our savior to carry.

We all feel the heaviness of life, the weight of sin, and the trials that come with life. No one is exempt from it. 

I don’t know what it is for you, but I’m standing with you in it. Because we are all, better together.

 Because there’s enough of the Enemy's schemes out there- and we can’t be a part of it. 

As sisters, we have run to each other in urgency to hold each other’s arms up when we feel like falling over and giving up. Allowing good cry sessions, handing water over when we feel out of breath, speaking truth over all of the lies in love, and hugging It out when it’s time to keep moving. 

What’s important to understand, is that God's will for us all, looks different. His plan individually for his daughters, and sons won’t ever look the same, and that’s ok, it's needed. 

What we are called to do in all of that, in the differences, in lives that don't mirror each other, is to be there for each other, in it all.

We were all called to make Disciples, and we are all here for that. Leveled.

This, is our greatest "why". 

Philippians 2 is such an incredible reminder, lesson, and Grace kick in the tail about what the posture of our Hearts needs to be, Check it out. 

Have the Attitude of Christ
2 “Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate? 2 Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose.
3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.
5 You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

The same Attitude as Christ, oh man. This covers it all. The depths of his love and understanding for everyone around Him. The patience and Humility, the consistent encouragement and truth speaking.

He wants us Living a life in Abundance, together- not alone sisters.

We don’t need any extra things coming our way, the enemy is out there doing His work, And as daughters of the King, we must stand together in Jesus Name, and begin to walk alongside each other in our healing, in our process, in His will. 

Our hearts are so tender, and we have to tend to them for each other. Meakeness & Kindness. 

We are all: mothering well, living well & doing the best we can, for Him.

And We are running this race, together. Not alone.

So, here’s a new Anthem for us, and I hope you join with me in living & believing it. 

May we run after Abiding and Love.
May we live a life full of understanding and peace, regardless of situations. 
May we look at people’s hearts, women’s hearts and see Grace and Mercy before anything else.
May we remember that our paths will all look different, and embrace the differences that come
in God’s will for us all.

May we be women, who feel the pain of others, and live and love with them in it. 
May we be women, who are more concerned about the posture of our heart, than the things of this world.

May we be women, who in the mundane see the beauty and wonder of God's Work.

May we be women, who love hard and extend grace to others, including ourselves. 
We are women who have been Called to Holy work, in it all, For Him.

We are His Daughters, made in His image, with mighty love and power.
We are powerful because He is powerful. And we are nothing without Him.
We will never be enough, but In Christ Jesus, we are made whole and complete.
May we live a life that goes against the grain of our culture and flesh.
May we love hard, with steadfast Love.

May we stand with and by each other, through it all.

And last, but not least-

May we be women of courage, who will throw judgment, condemnation, and pride out to the sea, never be seen again- and rise up to the Call of sisterhood in Christ that he has for us, all.

I love you, and I see you. 

Keep Pressing In, because most importantly- He Sees you. 

In love, Sister.