Finding Balance & Abundance. This is for you, Friend.

Balance, Abundance, and expecations. That's been something that I've had to learn and wrestle with for the last few years. I've heard margin, I've heard balance, I've heard "what you say yes to is saying no to something else".

I'm sure that this will be something that I'll continue to grow in, but I feel like right now, I finally understand a little bit more what he meant for Abundance & rest for us. 

Here is what I didn't hear- Balance has everything to do with what God want's to do In you and with you. The margin is leaving space for Him to be with you.

It's really all about our relationship with Him, and us allowing space, as much space that is needed for Him to guide us through this all. Why not give the author and creator all of our time, and let him decide what to do with it from there?

That's part of what us, Abiding in Him looks like.  It's resting in his Good plan for us. Resting in his peace and love for us. Resting in the power of the resurrection in our day to day, and handing it all right over to Him. All of it.

I work as a full-time ministry assistant, I am a wife to an amazing man who's an entrepreneur, have three beautiful children,  incredible friends that I know I've been called to invest time in, and desires, dreams, and goals that I want to reach & do. Within that, there is day to day things that are non-negotiables, and things that I may have space to say yes to.

I've cracked under the pressure more than once. The expectations that are constantly dangled over our heads and hearts as a reminder to do better, to run faster. Are they your expectations? Is the enemy coming at you with them to shame you?

Where are our expectations coming from? 

 I've strived for it all, I've been incredibly overwhelmed with it all, and have felt lost, forgotten, and overlooked. I have felt confused like I maybe took a wrong turn along God's will for me. I didn't know, that choosing  Jesus, didn't mean perfection. I was looking for a quick fix this whole time to all of my stuff, but he was offering up something, worth so much for. 

Surely, God wouldn't want me living overwhelmed and with a constant feeling of drowning. Right? Somebody tell me!

Yes, that's true- He does not.

But what he will allow is for us to get to the end of our control and prideful rope, so that we can look to Him at the end.

He doesn't have overwhelmed, drowning, and forgotten for us- He has Chosen, Abundance, and Rest in Him.

There's this pressure to be and do. A pressure to reach this expectation that isn't even an expectation from Him. God has no expectation from us. Really, all he wants is a Yes. A yes to Him doing the good work in us.

A yes to love the least of those with the greatest of these.

The lies in our culture- Be perfect, do it all.

Things we would love to do - Throw the dinner party, show up to it all, kill it at work & climb the corporate ladder, write the book, grow a platform, start a business, cook only organic food for your family, serve everyone at church, while being a wife, mothering, schooling, or anything else that is a priority in your life.

Gosh, Sister's, this didn't happen overnight. It's been brewing for a while. Remember Mary and Martha? (Click Here to read up on that, real good. )

We have always chosen, to look for more to fill the hole. We have always, reached for the one thing that might give us more significance. And every time, when we do that, one of those things will suffer.

That's the junk I'm dealin' with, and maybe this is it for you, too?

I don't want to die trying to do it all & just do them all to say that I got them done- and even in that, do them in a mediocre way.

I can't and won't be the proverbs 31 women all in one season. But what I can be, and have been called to be is a daughter of the King of Kings. Set apart, for Holy and Purposeful Kingdom work.

God didn't say, Be like the proverbs 31 women, what he actually said is:

 Look at my son, I am him and he is me. Say yes to Him and you will be enough and covered in love. Being made into the image of  Jesus, not proverbs 31.

You can't be someone who you weren't created to be. Ask God to help you, and take the time to find out who you are. Please, don't try and be someone else.  Your identity is in Christ, the part you play in his story here on Earth is a just an add on to his love for us.

I would dare to say, that the cause of our crisis right now, is that we have lost sight of the Why. We have lost sight of our individual critical parts in Gods story. We are trying to live in someone's else's story. 

For starters, How can we live in Balance, Abundance, and Joy if we are striving to be and someone and things that we haven't been called to do?

And this is only a part of it, friends. 

We have to do some work on our part. Yes, I have had to learn to draw healthy boundaries and say no and say yes to the things that he called me to at that time. I've had to ask for Guidance in it all, at his feet. It has been hard, but FREEING- Let me repeat- FREEDOM.

I've had incredibly difficult season's where I didn't ask for enough help, where I sat in my pride and flesh proving something to myself and the world about my strength. All from my pride. I cried many nights being the defender of my own cause, fighting to be the best at it all. It didn't go well. I fell apart, internally- and it was right where God wanted me.

So, how can we get back, or actually get to where God wanted for us to get to in since the beginning? 

It starts in small steps, but are things that will change the tension of your mind, heart, and home, big time.  It all takes a heart posture change & a surrender.

We don't need to and have not been called to strive and reach. 

For me, the change began to come when I allowed Him to come in and rescue the other parts of my broken that I was still not allowing for Him to touch. I had to lay down some of my goals, dreams, things, expectations, etc. To Pick Him up. Sacrifices always have to be made, in exchange for Abundant life.

I heard him loud and clear- I need you to say yes to a new work in you, will you make space for me, daughter? 

He was saying it in a whisper and a loud burden:

I need you to be a good steward of the things that I have right in front of you, and that is going to require some sacrifice.

Mind, Body, and your spirit.

What are some things that you hear him saying to you? 

What's the sacrifice?

What is he calling you to be a Good steward with and too?

We must realize, that there are seasons for it all. A time to say yes and no. A time to pull back and retrieve from it all. A time to ask for prayer and guidance in the desserts. A time to sow seeds, and allow our father to water them.  

I also wanted to give you guys some hard bullet points on good truths that have helped me in this check and balance life marathon. I pray that they may be helpful to you.

  • Make the hard decisions for the best, His Best. 
  • Ask God what he's called you to do with your time. 
  • Balance comes from abiding in Him. Seek Him first, in all your decisions.
  • Abundance is freely given to us, by Him. Living a life of worship, redeemed by Him, to Glorify Him. We have to just walk in it. We are victorious, we are
  • Rest comes by Faith in Him. We rest even when life may be full- peace his Rest for us is our faith in His goodness.
  • Living a fabricated life, as a fabricated you- will exhaust you, and kill you. 
  • Draw those boundaries, friend. You can't be it all to everyone. 
  • Lift it all up to Him, and ask for his guidance in it all.
  • Count the fruit, every ounce of it. Remember that he is Good. He has been and is still Good for it.

Life will be full, yes. There will be times where it will be a lot- he doesn't promise a stress-free obstacle-free life, what he does promise is a faithful walk with us while we let him figure it out for us. Sometimes, the pressure of life won't let off. Sometimes, the circumstances are just hard and might not change for a while- or ever. But even in that, we have been given a Hope, Jesus.

Abundance, Rest & Joy in Him. His presence is always with us, his love is constantly covering us- and in it all, we choose to worship Him in the trials. 

I'm with you in running this race, it's a marathon with allowed water breaks and moments to stop and breathe. Sister, be still. Rest in Him, surrender the heavy and take the light. 

Seek Him. Balance, Abundance, and Rest are all found in Him. 

Love you, Sister, Keep Pressing in.

With Love,


Alexandra HooverComment