Circling in the waiting.


The Uncomfortable wait. 

The last few months have been really challenging. Both physically and emotionally. I've been in an ebb and flow of hearing God's voice, believing and CHOOSING to believe in His faithfulness.

No one wants to wait. Waiting's hard, and often times silent and confusing. It makes you question it all.It makes you go back to the very beginning of it all and question, if and maybe you missed something crucial along the way.

As Christians, we hear a lot of prosperity Gospel preached. We hear that Gods Got an incredible blessing for us along the way, that the best is yet to come. And of course, Our Father is working it all out for our Good and for His Glory, but what if that thing that you're waiting for doesn't turn how you thought God would done it?

And what if, in the waiting we actually Learn more than whatever the thing is we are waiting for could ever give us?

What if the Blessing is the waiting?

The Stretching the growing, the learning to trust and love.

What if that is His, "For our Good and for His Glory"?

A few months ago my perspective began to change.

It went from, God, this doesn't make sense to:

Father, You are God, and I am not. And even in my confusion, You are not confused, so I rest in you. Teach me to rest and abide in you in this confusing and trying season.

You are ever knowing, loving, and Holy. You know the things I don't, and in the waiting, you're breathing life into my bones, walking through it all with me. Never leaving me, nor forsaking me. 

 Friends, the aiting takes time, and in Time is where God creates a beautiful and new thing.

 In time, is where the seeds are sown, the roots and soil watered and tended to.

I began to remember, that a lot of love and care goes into my life in the waiting, from my father. He's intentional about it all. He doesn't waits an experience or a thing. That, is his faithfulness.

There's a season for everything, and a process in it all. That's our waiting. Whether we are waiting for an answer, for healing, for a miracle, for a new season.

Even when we don't see him doing, He's doing. Even when we feel like all is dead and gone, He's working on creating a new Beautiful thing. And that's all, Grace, Victory & Mercy.  

So, in the waiting?

To me, Really, all of life seems like an inbetween of "waitings". A constant touch and go of learning to trust God with the most precious of things and in the most uncomfortable times.

In the darkest and most unclear times, in the times that seem confusing and uncomfortably still, what do we do?

What are we called to do? 

Let us not forget who Our Hope is. Chris Jesus, The Cross.

The Bible is clear, we are to put our trust in our father, knowing that He is with us, has gone before us, and is an ever present help to us. 

Psalm 130:5  

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope. He is our hope, and our ever present help.

  • We wait and Hope in the one Who is, and is to come.
  • We keep pressing in, and asking for strength and guidance.
  • It will take a time, His sovereign time, and it may not look the like what you expected. But it will be Good, because he is Good.
  • He's always present, always.
  • The waiting can become redundant, and you may become impatient. Remember that in that we are called to press in, and remember that he is doing a good work. 
  • Worship Him through the waiting.
  • We make space and time to be in communion with Him and can hear Him and and through anything.
  • Delight in the Joy of who He is, and not because of your situation or circumstance. 

Always, in the waiting, in the uncomfortable is where we learn to trust Him, and see and feel His greatest love for us. And if we don't get to see our answer, the healing in a situation here, we will get to see it on the side with Him.

He will give us the strength, courage, and peace to move past the things that may not change in the waiting. He will give us peace that surpasses our understanding, and will show us His hand of faithfulness in it all. His faithfulness and Grace don't ever change, even in the waiting.

Be Encouraged, sweet Friend.

With Love,