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 I am Alexandra—a wife, mother to three, daughter, and friend.

I have a passion and deep conviction for women to live life abundantly in and through the Gospel. Like, It fires me up like nothing else. I've been in vocational ministry for about four years, and have been serving and or leading in Women's Ministry for about six years. In all of that time, I have gleaned, and learned, and become even more overwhelmed with the Good news and what that means for our lives. I write and teach the Gospel, with the desire for people to learn the truth of scripture and how the power of the cross is really all that we need.

So why am I here? Because I want to help women know that they can find hope, healing, and purpose right where they are. I believe that when the women of God know Him for themselves, it changes everything. That Gods love, the cross – actually gives us the power to live our lives whole in Him and with a purpose. All for our good and His glory!

I write over on my blog the Dwelling place, as well as in a few different publications. There you will read and grow with me, as I journey through life and all that it is teaching me. I'm a firm believer that our tests and trials are never wasted, and are always a testament. And writing those things out have become one of my most life-giving rhythms.

While you're here, I want to encourage you as much as I can, to be courageous—to run hard after God's truth, to seek Him, and to let Him love you.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this space with me. I pray it encourages you and spurs you on, friend.

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The Gospel Is Simple. It’s Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Relationship. It’s the Greatest Love Story Of All Time. Ransomed, Rescued, Redeemed.
— Alexandra Hoover