About Me & The Dwelling Place

The Gospel Is Simple. It’s Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Relationship. It’s the Greatest Love Story Of All Time. Ransomed, Rescued, Redeemed.
— Alexandra Hoover

I am Alexandra—a wife, mother to three, daughter, friend. I work as a full-time Ministry Assistant. I just discovered that I am a visual processor & verbal processor. That's a lot of fun. This means I thrive around being with people- community, but I also love my wind, books, candle and alone time. They're Basically a vacation to me.

I also love to read, study, and teach the Word of God. My sweet family and I are part of a beautiful Church, that really has been an incredible blessing. If you're ever in the area, let us know and come visit!

 My space here, The Dwelling Place.

I've always love to write, and since I can remember I've been doing just that. It was a way for me to process my feelings, and lay my heart out in a safe place. This blog, or writing space has evolved overtime, but has kept the same heart beat to it : To Encourage, uplift, and spur people on in Truth and In love.  As long as my papa allows me, I will speak freedom over women's hearts and  remind them and myself, to walk in the authority that we have as daughters of the King. 

Thank you for being a part of this community of women, for reading my words, and for being here.

I am here sharing my life, my moments in it all. The Valleys and the Hills. The highs and the lows. The Beauty and the pain.  My day to day looks like loving on my husband, children, family & friends.

 I use this blog for teaching and encouraging women in their faith. It's a space where I  reflect the lessons about God in the mundane,  in and through my everyday life.

I write about Marriage, Motherhood, Faith, etc. I would love for you to e-mail me with a question that you would like to see covered in this blog.

I truly believe, and know that better is together. There is so much to be learned together as we follow and grow In Christ, and I would love to walk the process in all of life, with you.

I want to encourage you as much as I can, to be courageous—to run hard after God's truth, to seek Him, accept His love for us and His perfect plan.

He wants to be in it all, friend. In it all.