The Gospel Is Simple. It’s Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Relationship. It’s the Greatest Love Story Of All Time. Ransomed, Rescued, Redeemed.
— Alexandra Hoover

I am Alexandra—a wife, mother to three, daughter, friend, loud car-singer, coffee drinker, reader & sometimes notepad writer. I just discovered that I am a visual processor & verbal processor. That's a lot of fun. 

I love music, candles, open windows, the breeze and flowers. They're Basically a vacation to me.

I also love to the Word of God. 

  I am here sharing my life, my moments in it all. The Valleys and the Hills. The highs and the lows. The Beauty and the pain. 

My day to day looks like loving on my husband, children, family & friends. I also work as a full-time Ministry Assistant to two incredible Ministries areas at Transformation Church.

  I also drink coffee and water like it's my job, too.

My story? Ransomed, Rescued and Saved. Being sanctified. Really, there is nothing pretty about my story, except that I am a trophy of Grace. I am a broken vessel being made whole and a beloved daughter of the One Who Created The Stars.

And I couldn't be more thankful and excited about that. 

Love and Grace, are not what I new, but it is what My father is showing me in this process of sanctification.

God's grace is bold. He refines us, squeezes us to make us into the people He knows we are and can become. Then He pours a high concentration of His grace all over us. It's uncomfortable, sometimes messy, and painful—but it is so very good. I like to think of it just how I like my coffee—shots of espresso right when we need them (which is all of the time). 

My mission is to show and tell others about the love of Christ. My Calling, and yours- is to be His Disciple. Our job is to be His Hands and Feet, with our Gifts and Talents, right where we are at, and where ever he wants to use us. 

I have an undying fire- a crazy thing in My heart, that wont allow me to not love on my sisters in Christ.  As long as my papa allows me, I will speak freedom over women's hearts and  remind them and myself, to walk in the authority that we have as daughters of the King. My heart is for the women of today, for THE ONE.

The one who feels like she’s drowning, lost, unheard, unseen, misunderstood, forgotten, and unloved. —the one's seeking their purpose and their freedom. I'm for daily deliverance, speaking God's truth and promises over our hearts & minds and running something fierce after what He has for each of us.

I want to encourage you as much as I can, to be courageous—to run something hard after God's truth, His love for us and His perfect plan.

He wants to be in it all, friend. In it all.